We use both breath and movement to free up your most efficient movement pattern

Our first session will be a “get to know your body” session, where we gather an intake of information regarding muscular imbalances, joint range of motion, motor control, etc. Some of the aspects we might take a look at include but are not limited to:

POSTURAL ALIGNMENT – Assesses the resting tonicity of your muscles and joint integrity in both static and dynamic movements

BREATHING – The function of the diaphragm has a profound impact on whole body function, posture, and muscle energy transfer

CORE STABILITY – Looks at how well your core activates instatic and dynamic environmental situations




FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS – Takes a look at joint range of motion and muscular and/or neuromuscular patterning involving functional movement patterns such as squats and reaches                                                   

SHOULDER MOBILITY – Takes a look at range of motion of the upper body girdle including the scapula and spine

ROTARY STABILITY – Addresses proper energy transfer and stability through the torso

MUSCLE SEQUENCING – Addresses muscles firing patterns in the correct order to product easy, efficient movement through your body                    

Once we get to know you a bit, we take a look at any general imbalances and begin to optimize movement patterns. Keep in mind, as with any process, the process of (re) discovering your body is iterative. We build and continuously work on foundation before (and during) higher performance movements. We use principles involving neuromuscular efficiency, foundational pilates principles, and functional and primal movement patterns to create customized programming.