Services Offered


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Personal training sessions that keep your core strong, meet your goals, and maintain your flexibility.



Hybrid pilates and functional personal training sessions depending on individual goals.  Each session includes a personalized postural and fitness assessments to create a customized program for the individual. We start with building a strong and functional foundation addressing aspects of postural alignment, motor control, muscle imbalances, joint mobility, breathing, and working from the core out.  Myofascial release techniques are introduced here. From there we can progress to endurance training and layer on strength using a variety of tools such as pulley systems, kettlebells, and barbells. Inquire for details and we can find a location that fits. 

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Currently teaching group reformer, reformer jumpboard, group mat, and barre classes at Bay Club San Francisco (requires membership or guest pass). These do not require appointment booking through The Body Artique. You can book via individual studio or contact me for more information.



Learn to use proper mechanics when taking barre classes. The barre is the same as a ballet barre used to help with balance when training for various foot and hip patterns in ballet conditioning. Barre classes take this same concept and transforms it so that the everyday person can have access to the ballet inspired movements, but with a focus on toning,  integrating fitness and sometimes cardio and interval training aspects as well. Proper form is key to assuring proper muscle target. Imagery and tactile cueing are used to build kinesthetic awareness.

In Motion Sports Manual Therapy (coming soon)

Intended to be utilized in conjunction with training to optimize movement efficiency, improve nervous system control, increase joint range of motion, and build proprioception. Some modalities coming soon are

  • Myofascial Release Technique
  • Neuromuscular and Trigger Point
  • Acupressure
  • Structural Integration